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Crown Point EmSculpt Neo model receiving treatment

EmSculpt Neo
In Crown Point, IN

The Art of You

Crown Point EmSculpt Neo at Trouvaille Med Spa

Experience a new way to sculpt your body. We are a premier provider of EmSculpt Neo in Crown Point, an innovative and non-invasive body sculpting treatment. In just a few sessions, individuals see visible results, with studies showing up to a 30 percent reduction of fat and up to a 25 percent improvement in muscle thickness. Ready to unveil your most sculpted contours? We provide a safe treatment experience that will make you look and feel stronger, fitter, and more confident.

Precision Fat Burning & Muscle Toning

What is EmSculpt Neo?

EmSculpt Neo is a non-invasive body contouring procedure that uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to induce powerful muscle contractions in targeted areas of the body. This helps to build and tone muscles, similar to the effects of intensive exercise.

At our office in Crown Point EmSculpt Neo is typically used to target specific areas such as the abdomen, buttocks, arms, or thighs. It has gained popularity as a non-surgical alternative for individuals looking to enhance muscle definition and reduce fat in those areas.

Crown Point EmSculpt Neo model receiving treatment

Treat Your Body With Care

What are the benefits of EmSculpt Neo?

Non-Invasive: Non-invasive external applicators stimulate powerful muscle contractions and burn fat. 

Builds Muscle: Using HIFEM energy to induce muscle contractions, EmSculpt Neo builds muscle by up to 25 percent

Burns Fat: Radiofrequency energy heats fat cells, breaking them down. EmSculpt Neo is proven to reduce fat in the treatment area by up to 30 percent.

Versatile Treatments: EmSculpt Neo goes where you need it. Popular treatment areas include the abdomen, thighs, flanks, buttocks, upper arms, and calves. 

Fast, Proven Results: Most people enjoy optimal toning and sculpting within 90 days of their final session. Initial improvements are often obvious within a few weeks of starting treatments. 

Easy and Convenient: Treatments are delivered in 30-minute sessions that require no downtime

Unveil Your Best Body

Your EmSculpt Neo Consultation

Ready to address that pesky area where diet and exercise aren’t doing the trick? With EmSculpt Neo Crown Point patients can fine-tune key areas to enjoy their most confident contours. Our providers will thoroughly assess your suitability for any treatment to ensure that it is safe for you and is a good match for your individual goals. Schedule your consultation with one of our Crown Point body contouring specialists to receive a personalized assessment and treatment plan. 

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Crown Point EmSculpt Neo model wearing a pink bikini and smiling

What to Expect from EmSculpt Neo?

Your EmSculpt Neo Procedure

Each session typically lasts about 30 minutes, and a series of four to six treatments over a period of several weeks is typically recommended for optimal results. EmSculpt Neo is painless, non-surgical, and requires no downtime, allowing patients to resume their regular activities immediately

Sculpt Your Aspirations

EmSculpt Neo Results

While some improvement may be noticed after the first treatment, the full results gradually become visible over several weeks after completing the treatment series.

Maintenance treatments might be advised to sustain the achieved results, and individual outcomes can vary based on factors such as current muscle mass, body composition, and lifestyle. 

The Perfect Fit

EmSculpt Neo Recovery and Aftercare

EmSculpt Neo is a non-invasive treatment that comes with no downtime. Just like a vigorous workout, an EmSculpt Neo session may leave next-day muscle soreness—a sure sign the treatment is working. Immediately after a session, you may notice mild redness in the treatment area, which typically fades within an hour or so. Most people will need four to six treatments to see the best results from EmSculpt Neo in Crown Point

Crown Point EmSculpt Neo model with wind-blown hair smiling

EmSculpt Neo

Frequently Asked Questions

EmSculpt Neo is generally not painful. During the treatment, you may feel intense muscle contractions, which can be a bit uncomfortable or unusual at first, but most people find the procedure tolerable. The sensation is often likened to an intense workout session.

For optimal results, a series of four to six EmSculpt Neo sessions spaced a few days or weeks apart, are generally recommended. The precise number of sessions may vary depending on the individual’s goals, body composition, and the targeted area. Consulting with a qualified healthcare professional or certified EmSculpt Neo provider is essential to determine its suitability for specific goals and needs.

Each EmSculpt Neo treatment session typically lasts about 30 minutes. The duration may vary depending on the specific area being treated and the individual treatment plan.

EmSculpt Neo is a non-invasive procedure with minimal side effects. Some individuals may experience temporary muscle soreness or mild discomfort after the treatment, similar to post-workout sensations. However, there are generally no serious or long-term side effects associated with EmSculpt Neo.