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What is a Personalized Facial?

At Trouvaille Med Spa, we understand that no two clients are alike. That’s why we offer personalized Facials in Crown Point that can address a variety of different needs. Whether you’re dealing with premature aging, environmental damage, or acne flare-ups, we can tailor a treatment package that’s perfect for you. Our staff is especially sensitive to the needs of teens, and we can tailor a plan for clients of any age. If you’re looking for optimum results, come to Trouvaille Med Spa and let us help you achieve the beautiful, healthy skin you deserve.

What to Expect from A Facial

During your Facial Crown Point patients will be seen by an aesthetician who will cleanse, exfoliate and massage your face. They will then perform extractions to remove any impurities from your pores. A customized mask will be applied to address your specific skin concerns, and you will be finished with a serum or moisturizer to hydrate and protect your skin. The whole process usually takes 45 to 60 minutes, and it is a great way to pamper yourself.

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Personalized Facials

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Crown Point Facial can be customized to cater to all skin types, and typically include deep cleansing, extractions and exfoliation.

Not only do they increase blood circulation in the face, giving the skin a healthy glow, but they also exfoliate dry skin to stimulate cell turnover and collagen development. In addition, facials can be customized to address specific skin concerns such as acne, fine lines, and sun damage. As a result, Facials provide a myriad of benefits that help keep the skin looking its best.

It is important to have a facial every three or four weeks because your skin goes through the full life cycle in that time. This helps you keep that perfect glow all month long!

Facials are more than just an act of beauty; they’re worth every penny for the improvement in tone and clarity. They’re not only beneficial to your skin, but also improve mental health.